For more than 10 years, The InterActivist has covered, reported and endorsed social justice and progressivism in Southeast Ohio.

It is the second-oldest student publication in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens. It is produced with funding from the OU Student Senate’s Student Activities Commission (SAC), the Generation Progress arm of the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., reader donations, advertising revenue and fundraising.

The InterActivist is a progressive magazine published once a semester by students covering issues from, or related to, the Southeast Ohio area, specifically Ohio University, the city of Athens and the surrounding Appalachia. A belief in humanistic equality regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or orientation is core to The InterActivist as is a fierce desire to challenge the norms. Since its inception, The InterActivist has evolved to encompass conversation in facets of the innovative Athens culture – from politics, to art, to music, to science, to religion – and how it relates to its residents and the world at large.

The InterActivist’s mission is to speak loudly for the voices that would otherwise not be heard.
Although the InterActivist staff reserves the right to reject submissions, the views expressed in The InterActivist belong to individual authors and do not necessarily coincide with the positions of its publications or co-sponsors, the members of these organizations, the magazine’s staff, or its contributors.

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